Name: Czar (Azie) Esteban
D.O.B: 05/30
Education: AB Multimedia Arts, Magna Cum Laude
Interests: animu, mango, books, art, video games, writing, character design, world-building, web
Contact: czar [a] czaresteban [.] com

When not being hounded by guildmates to play support for a dungeon run, Czar assumes the role of a full-time illustrator in the party. With stats allocated for a pure artistic build, her main focus are on digital concept artworks and game design, with a dash of graphic and web design. During breaks from quests, she plays video games, reads books, or works on her online fantasy graphic novel, Afternight.



This site was launched on February 14, 2010 under the name Panagimpan, a word in my first language that means “dream” and what I feel could describe the vibe I want this site should give off: light, subtle, and soft with a hint fantasy . On January 06, 2013, the site received a revamp and was relaunched under a new name: Faintest Clouds.



What’s your name? Where do you study? What course did you take for college?

Answered above. :D


What art materials/tools for the trade do you use?

For traditional drawings, I use regular graphite pencils; but for linework and drafts I use mechanical pencils because they give me cleaner lines. For digital works, I’m used to working with Photoshop, IllusStudio, and Paint Tool Sai. Lately, I’ve only been using PS for most my digital works, and switch to PT Sai when I need to work on something with a lineart.


Which medium is your favorite?

I prefer working digitally because its easier to change things in case I mess up! But I do most of my drafts traditionally. I’ve also recently fallen in love with watercolors and wish to try working with it once.


How many hours do you spend making art everyday?

I try to draw something everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few hours or a whole day, or just a sketch or a full-blown illustration. What’s important is I make/draw something everyday.


Where do you get inspiration from?

I keep this file in my desktop called a commonplace book. Basically, it’s a collection of notes, illustrations, quotes, etc, that caught my attention/found interesting/called out to me all over the internet or from books I’ve read. If I’m need of inspiration, I usually read through this file! I’ve also made it a habit of observing people, objects, or places whenever I go out and it helps, too! Additionally, I also listen to music by Kajiura Yuki, Kokia, as well as soundtracks from different movies while I’m working.


Do you do commissions?

When I’m not busy, I usually announce in a post when I’m taking personal commissions. For Commercial or Professional Work, please contact me directly instead.


Would it be okay to do collabs with you?

Sure! As long as I’m not working on something, I’m pretty much open to it. Just drop me a note! Here or through my dA:D


Do you do tutorials?

I wish I could But I’m so bad at explaining things, OTL.


How do I contact you?

Here or here or here. I’m everywhere, LOL.


Do you have any other sites I can follow?

Other sites I own can be found in the Contact section of the site. :)