Version 5: Stardust


And it’s live! Welcome to Version 5: Stardust!

n. 1. A dreamlike, romantic, sentimental quality or feeling, or uncritical sense of well-being.
2. A cluster of stars too distant to be seen individually, resembling a dimly luminous cloud of dust. (x)

Whew, I’m glad I finished the layout right before the Christmas holidays. This one took me a lot longer to implement, but I think everything’s working the way it should now? Still, I might’ve missed something so feel free to point them out to me if you find one!
Since this layout is not compatible with my old posts (and I’m too lazy to edit each, haha!), I will be taking down all of those from the site. I’m going to miss those, but I think it’s about time I clean up the site for a fresh start. I will be re-uploading some that had mini-tutorials and process in them, though! I’ve also added my ToS to the site. Please do check it out, especially if you’re someone who commissioned me before or is interested in commissioning me.
Lastly, I’ve built-up a huge back-log of unposted artworks and they will be added to the site soon. I’ll try to post them before Christmas week but I can’t promise anything at the moment since things have been quite busy for me. Most of my recent WIPs are being posted to my Tumblr and Facebook Page, though so feel free to check those sites out! Thank you so much for supporting my art!




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